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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where is Frazier Park located?

Frazier Park is a small rustic mountain town in Kern County, located 70 miles north of Los Angeles. It is on the foothills of Frazier Mountain and Mount Tecuya, at an elevation of 4,650 feet. It adjoins Pine Mountain Club, another mountain town. Frazier Park is very quiet and clean compared to the hustle and bustle of the Los Angeles metro. The Air Quality Index in Frazier Park is around 15, compared to 85+ in the Los Angeles area. Frazier Park is located 45 miles south of Bakersfield and 70 miles northeast of Ojai.


2. What is the typical weather in Frazier Park?

Frazier Park has four distinct seasons. It has a warm summer Mediterranean climate with average high temperatures of 55˚ F in the Winter, 70˚ F in the Spring, 85˚ F in the Summer, and 65˚ F in the Fall seasons. It snows here in the Winter season, usually from December to February.


3. How do I get to Moksha Spiritual Center?

Our physical address is 4021 Mount Pinos Way, Frazier Park, CA 93225

  • Driving from Los Angeles/SoCal area: Take the 405 North, which merges into I5 North. While driving through the grapevine mountains, take the Frazier Mountain Park Road exit and turn left. Frazier Park is the next town after Gorman. Drive about 4 miles and take a right on Mt. Pinos Way. Drive another half mile, and you will find us on the right side. 

  • Driving from Northern California: Take the I5 South. About 45 miles south of Bakersfield, you will start driving up the grapevine mountains and will shortly thereafter see the Frazier Mountain Park Road exit.  Take the Frazier Mountain Park Road exit and turn right. Drive about 4 miles and take a right on Mt. Pinos Way. Drive another half mile and you will find us on the right side.

  • Driving from Ojai: Take Highway 33 North. After about 65 miles, turn right on Frazier Mountain Park Road and then left on Mt. Pinos way. You will find us on the left.


4. What is the atmosphere/mood at Moksha Spiritual Center?

Think of this place as a modern ashram (spiritual commune). It is designed for people to explore their healing/spiritual practices in a simple, clean and comfortable place with all the basic amenities. The attraction of Moksha Spiritual Center is as much in the outdoors as it is in the indoors. The open-air terraces and balconies are great places to connect with nature. Views of Frazier Mountain and mount Tecuya are very soothing. It is a shared communal space; all the bedrooms have shared accommodation. We hope that this gives an opportunity to bond more with the other participants/residents at the center, with respectful boundaries of course. If you prefer to stay in a private room, you may stay at a hotel or find other accommodation close by. You will find many smaller homes for rent in the mountain communities. There are 3 hotels within 10 mins of the center. Please note that Moksha Spiritual Center is not a luxury resort, it was not made for material indulgences. It is important you understand this, so you can align your expectations with the intent of the retreat center.


The center is also an eco-friendly facility. We strive to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible. We avoid use of plastic to the extent possible. All soap (hand, bath, dish, clothes), house cleaning solutions (bathrooms, toilets, kitchen), room fresheners in all bedrooms and bathrooms are made from natural and ecofriendly ingredients. Paper towels and toilet paper are made from recycled paper. Solar panels generate the electricity used by the center. We would appreciate if you can reduce the consumption of plastic during you stay at the center.


5. What should I bring with me when attending events at Moksha Spiritual Center?

Please bring towels and personal toiletries, we provide toothpaste, soap and shampoo. Please bring clothes appropriate for the season and the event. Please remember to bring clothes that will last through the event you are attending. In case of an emergency, you may use our washer and dryer, but please know that they are mainly for the use of the Center and not for use by event participants. Pack light, travel light, be the light!


6. Are there any stores/restaurants/gas stations nearby?

Within half a mile of the center you will find these places

  • Two general markets (one of which sells Organic groceries)

  • A pharmacy

  • Restaurants: Red Dot Vegetarian Kitchen, Caveman's Pizza, Mexican Restaurant, Falcon's Nest (Burgers, etc), Nature's Home organic coffee shop.

  • A gas station. There are 3 gas stations within a 5-mile range.

  • A Dollar General store


7. Is there parking at Moksha Spiritual Center?

There is parking for about 25 cars in and around the center (within a block). Please park on Mount Pinos Way, inside the white line. DO NOT park on Los Padres Dr.  Another side street for parking is Elm Trail.


8. Is there Wi-Fi at Moksha Spiritual Center?

Yes, we do have a wi-fi connection that provides about 100 Mbps download speed and 15 Mbps upload speed.


9. Is there a place for private practice (asana, meditation, prayer)?

Yes, you will find many private spots on the property for private time. There are two terraces behind the main building. These can be used for your private practice.


10. Do you serve food at Moksha Spiritual Center?

Depends on the requirements of the teachers/healers hosting their events at the Center. There are two local restaurants that can cater vegetarian/vegan food for your events. If you wish to bring you own chef, you may use our kitchen at a fee of $100.


11. Water quality at Moksha Spiritual Center

We have a triple-filtered reverse osmosis filtration system for drinking water. It is as good as it can get, the filter takes out Floride also. The water from the cold-water faucet in the kitchen is also filtered, but not via reverse osmosis. You will find a glass water dispenser and few jugs of water on the counter for your convenience.


12. Can we participate in any other activities in Frazier Park?

Yes. Frazier Park and the surrounding areas have many spots for Hiking, Skiing, Star Gazing and Picnics, depending on the weather. Hiking and connecting with nature are part and parcel of our programs. All retreats conducted by Yogi Arvind will include spending time in nature. Other teachers are encouraged to do the same. Please click this link on our website for more info: Hiking, Stargazing, Picnics. Other locations for relaxing and outdoor activities are Pyramid Lake. Pyramid Lake is about 15 miles south of Frazier Park and offers many recreational activities.

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