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Meditation & Breathwork Classes

Weekly Meditation & Breathwork Classes

Online Meditation class with Yogi Arvind (Online)
Sunday. 9 am - 10 am.
Meeting link: 
Suggested donation
: $10 (Nobody is turned away for financial reasons)
You may send payments digitally to this email address: (Zelle, PayPal, Bank transfer)

Meditation & Breathwork class with Yogi Arvind (In-Person)

​​Sunday. 11 am - 12.30 pm

Moksha Spiritual Center
4021 Mount Pinos Way, Frazier Park CA 93225

Suggested Donation: $15 (Nobody is turned away for financial reasons)
You may pay in cash or send payments digitally to this email address: (Zelle, PayPal, Bank transfer)

Yogi Arvind's Meditation & Pranayama (Breathwork) classes are geared towards cultivating a higher state of consciousness and sustaining that higher state for longer periods of time, even after one leaves the studio. The goal is to help people maintain this state during their day-to-day activities, thereby making even the most simple or mundane task enlightening and uplifting. We achieve this state through building equanimity, steadfastness, presence of mind, objectivity and wisdom. He uses a number of meditation techniques during his classes, depending on the needs of the students and their level of practice: Breath based meditations, Visualizations, Analytical meditations (contemplations). Vipassana (mindfulness), Chakra based meditation, World Peace meditation, Mantra & Japa, Yoga Nidra, and more.  


Classes are about 90 minutes long. Each class comprises of 3 segments

  1. Preparation through breathwork and kriyas

  2. Concentration/Awareness meditation

  3. Analytical/Wisdom meditation


His approach to the class: He'll do a brief introduction of the different techniques that will be practiced in the class and offer the necessary instruction to sustain oneself through the class. He rarely offers an entirely guided meditation. He is interested in helping his students practice silence as much as possible and empower them to meditate by themselves, rather than depending totally on another person to meditate. He may play some light instrumental music in the preparation stage to get the students into the meditative zone.


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